Couples Counselling

Saving a relationship is more effective, and has more chance of success, if the conflicts are identified early on.

Couples tend to find it very hard to admit they need to talk to a counsellor, unless they have reached crisis point - and then it may be too late. This is such a painful and difficult stage and so it takes far more effort and willingness for a couple to find solutions on their own.

I encounter a good deal of frustration and anger at the outset of counselling - knots which seem almost impossible to unravel at this stage. Yet with the unfolding process of counselling sessions, it is extraordinary how two people can find that they get to know each other surprisingly better, and ultimately more deeply than ever before.

Couples are often not aware of the issues they do not talk to each other about

This may be about little or big things that have been on their minds but kept to themselves, or only discussed with friends. In the presence of a couples counsellor and mediator, there is a space where it is acceptable to be more open and frank. If you feel I can help, please contact me to arrange an appointment.

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I am happy to have a short consultation with you if you need more information about counselling, couples counselling, psychotherapy or coaching. We can discuss what kind of therapy would suit you best.

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