Guiding and supporting you to recover your path in life

I am a fully qualified and accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist in Cornwall

I work with individuals as well as couples in the Fowey, Par and all areas of Cornwall that are in practical reach for people wishing to see me in person. I provide Counselling and Psychotherapy on either a short term or longer term basis as needed. I also offer a goal-based Coaching style therapy which focuses on setting and achieving goals.

My approach is to help people become more aware of the personalities they were born with: in other words to get to know themselves better through counselling and psychotherapy, and that this is possible for everybody.

We can reliably say that throughout time people have experienced perplexing and challenging periods in their lives - and that some form of guidance from a person outside of the family or friends circle, can often provide the support and answers that are missing and needed.

The integrity of my work as both a counsellor and a psychotherapist includes strict confidentiality in all communications. Phone messages and emails will receive a punctual response (with possible exception of short holiday periods).

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to arrange a free initial appointment.

I offer experienced & specialist guidance with:

Stress and related issues


Couple Counselling

Marriage Guidance

Family problems

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Self Value and Esteem

Sex, sexuality and gender issues


Loss of meaning and purpose in Life

Chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E.

Life choices and goal-setting

Eating disorders


Anger disorders

Abuse: mental or physical

Bereavement, grief and loss

Midlife concerns

I also offer: Doula services, Pregnancy, birth and post natal, including breastfeeding advice.

How I Work

I follow the Code of Ethics as set out by the UKCP. Confidentiality and trust are professional givens as far as I am concerned and, I believe, at the heart of any productive and fulfilling therapeutic work and relationship.

I have a lifelong commitment to my own on-going learning process, both professional and personal development. On the Background and Qualifications page you will find more information on how I work.

Appointments & Fees

Appointments can be arranged from Monday to Friday, daytimes or evenings.

I offer both short term and long term counselling for individuals and couples needing relationship help and support. Sessions can be held in person in Cornwall or online.

Individuals: £55 for 50 minutes.

Couples: £70 for 60 minutes.

Concession fees are available if necessary, please contact me to discuss.

Cancellations Policy

6 days notice is required and does not incur any extra charge.

When a session is booked weekly, and you cancel within that week, the full fee is due unless I can offer you an alternative day and time in the same week. I will always do my best to accommodate.

Bi-monthly sessions: If for any reason the session needs to be changed or cancelled a 7 day notice is required in order to be able to re-book without charge.

Couples counselling & relationship support

I offer an open minded and honest approach to guiding couples in relationship. I encourage a fresh awareness of tolerance and kindness where it might have become lost. As a couples counsellor, psychotherapist and mediator, I provide you with a safe space where you can talk openly and about your feelings, where you perhaps don't feel able to in private.

The playwright Arthur Miller wrote: “Living together is the most difficult thing there is because it is about constant tolerance and forgiveness”.

"Discovering a friendly listening voice can work wonders. It's always worth reaching out..."

Get in touch

Please get in touch by either text message, phone call or email:

Mobile: 07918 152 941


I am happy to have a short consultation with you if you need more information about counselling, couples counselling, psychotherapy or coaching. We can discuss what kind of therapy would suit you best.

All emails, phone calls and messages are treated in the strictest confidence.

I aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

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